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Change show settings

The SETUP > Show > Show settings panel allows you to

  • import settings from other shows

  • edit the path to the linked project

  • change the Compositing color space

  • change default video settings

Linked project

Displays the project linked to this show file and its availability (Status) on this machine.

Editing the path of the linked project will affect all connected machines.

The linked project

  • needs to be kept in sync manually

  • needs to be present on all machines on the same path as the server machine

Learn more about Show file and linked project

Import from other show

Allows you to import configuration and calibration settings (Base settings, Camera systems, Media in- and outputs, Object tracker groups) from another show on the same or another machine.

To import a setup into the open show:

  1. Click "Import from other show" in SETUP > Show > Show settings

  2. Select the machine you want to import the setup from

  3. Select the show

  4. Select the items to import

    • base settings

    • camera systems*

    • media inputs and outputs*

    • object tracker groups*

The "Import result" dialog shows whether any problems have occurred while importing or applying the setup.

* Items with the same name will be overwritten.

Base settings

Compositing Color Space

Choose the project's compositing color space. 

  • Linear space

    • Photorealistic compositing

    • For HDR and end-to-end color-managed workflows

  • Video space (legacy)

    • No color management or HDR output

Video Input and Output Format

Choose the default video format to be used in Configure > Video I/O.

The frame rate of inputs and outputs must be the same!

Engine startup options (EDITOR/LIVE)

DX 12 mode (For Ray tracing support)

This starts the Editor/Engine with the DX 12 flag. To fully enable ray tracing, ensure that:

  • Windows 10 is running version 1809 or later

  • DirectX 12 is installed

  • the latest Nvidia RTX Graphic drivers are installed

  • Ray Tracing is turned on in Pixotope Editor Project Settings > Rendering

requires restart

Nest step

Continue to Configure camera tracking

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