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Launch levels and control panels

The SETUP or PRODUCTION > Show > Launch panel displays a list of all levels and control panels of the linked project (local) from the open show. It allows you to

  • Launch levels

  • Launch levels of another project

  • Open/Close control panels

  • Create a new control panel

If your panel is empty, check the path to the linked project in SETUP > Show > Show settings

Launching a level for the first time can take longer, as shaders and other elements have to be prepared.

Launch a level

  1. Hover over the level you want to launch and click

    • "Launch LIVE"

    • "Launch in EDITOR"

For Control license: If you are using a control license, Launch LIVE is the only available option.

Launch a level of another project

Sometimes you might want to temporarily open a level from another project. For this

  1. Click

    • "Launch LIVE (other)"

    • "Launch in EDITOR (other)"

  2. Browse to and select the level (.umap file) you want to launch

  3. Browse to and select the project (.project file) it is part of

Launching levels of another project can only be done locally.

Open/Create a control panel

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