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Place Actors panel

The "Place Actors" panel gives you quick drag-and-drop access to content in the engine. Broadcast-specific Actors can be found under the "Pixotope" header.

Virtual Camera

A virtual studio camera not tracking an external camera; used for creating virtual studio shots independent of the limitations of the physical space, yet still with the talent composited into the 3D space.

VS Internal Compositing Plane

A surface displaying chroma-keyed input camera feed and compositing it into the 3D space of the virtual studio.

Learn more about Compositing Planes

Garbage Matte Plane

A surface used to block out and output a custom alpha mask for the external compositing mode in Pixotope.

Calibration Cone

A 3D object useful for calibrating the alignment between the virtual and the real point on the surface.

Calibration Cube Hollow

A 3D object useful for calibrating the dimensions between the virtual and the real space.

Tracked Object Actor

An actor that can be set up to follow a remote object tracking source; you can parent other actors to it or inherit it in your own Blueprints.

XR Wall

A representation of the physical display screen to be used as an XR wall or "virtual window".

Learn more about XR Walls

Media Input

Plane with a Media Input Component used for virtual monitors.

Pixotope Widget Renderer

Allows rendering of Unreal’s Widget Components onto the video output.

Learn more about Unreal’s Widget Components

Pixotope Animated Text Mesh

A dynamically generated 3D text mesh, with a variety of pre-programmed animations.

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