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Upgrading to 2.0

We would not recommend that you upgrade your Pixotope machines in the middle of a production or pre-production phase.

When choosing to upgrade, we recommend that you backup your existing Pixotope projects, so that you will be able to go back if you need to.

Workflow changes

Starting Pixotope

Due to an architectural change Director can not be started directly anymore. Use the Pixotope launch icon on the Desktop or in the start menu. Internally it launches the Pixotope Daemon service which starts all necessary Pixotope services, including Director.

Learn more about Starting Pixotope - START

Starting Data hub > Role selection

The role selection acts similarly to choosing to run or connect to a Data hub. However, the role selection also defines where the SETUP data is stored.

  • Stand-alone/Server is similar to "Start own Data hub" in Pixotope 1.x

  • Client is similar to "Connect to other Data hub" in Pixotope 1.x

The role can be changed

  • after logging in

  • from the Machine settings panel in START > Storage

Network panel merges into Status panel

We have upgraded the status bar/panel at the bottom and merged in the functionality of the network panel. In the status panel you can now reload levels and restart services.

Current project > Open Show

In 2.0 we introduce the concept of a "Show" file where all SETUP view parameters of a project are stored. This means that projects can not be opened directly, as they need to be linked to a show.

  1. Click "Create new show" on START > Storage > Shows

  2. Select "from existing project"

  3. Link it to a specific project (.uproject file)

When you previously "Set as current project" and worked on the "Current project", you now "Open show" to work on it.

The created show files as well as machine settings are stored within the installation folder in [Installation folder]/Local storage.

This means that every Pixotope version has its own local storage folder. When installing a new Pixotope version you are asked if you want to copy the this folder to the new installation.

Adding a START view

To dedicate the SETUP and PRODUCTION views completely to the open show, we have added a new initial view, the START view. Here you manage your shows and decide which show you will work on:

  • START > Storage > Shows: shows a list of your local shows

  • SETUP or PRODUCTION > Show > Launch: shows levels and control panels of the open show

  • SETUP: needs an open show, changes made in this view are stored in the open show

  • PRODUCTION: needs a running level, changes made in this view are stored in the linked project

The settings have been separated into:

  • START > Storage > Machine settings

  • SETUP > Show > Show settings

Control mode > Permissions affecting SETUP

With the introduction of a "control mode" affecting PRODUCTION, we have updated its naming to Permissions and adjusted its previous functionality.

Enable the video keyer directly in the Video Keyer panel

Previously if you wanted to use the video keyer you had to set "Internal Key" in the Video I/O panel. Enabling the video keyer can now be done directly in the Video Keyer panel.

All inputs set to "Fill" can now be keyed, even media inputs!

Learn more about how to Use the video keyer

Create control panel has moved

The "Create new control panel" button has been moved to the Launch panel (SETUP/PRODUCTION > Show > Launch)

Migrating projects


When opening a project from Unreal or an old Pixotope version:

  1. When prompted in the Editor, click "Update"

    • This will update your .uproject file

  2. Restart the Editor

Unreal projects in Pixotope 2.0

Unreal projects can be used in Pixotope right away and do not need any other migration steps.

Old Pixotope projects in Pixotope 2.0

In case you encounter rendering issues on migrated projects (the compositing pipeline has been upgraded), we recommend the following steps when migrating:

  1. Close Director

  2. Delete the following folders in your Pixotope project:

    • Intermediate

    • Config

    • Saved (optionally)

  3. Open Director again

Engine - breaking changes

Media Video Component no longer exists. It was replaced with the Input Media Component.

Learn more about it here Add a virtual monitor or other video feeds

Light catcher is now part of Shadow and Reflection Catcher.

Learn more about the new AR Shadow, Reflection & Light Catcher

Feathering is now per plane


These are the third-party plugins shipped with Pixotope.

Any other third-party plugin which works with UE 4.27 should work with Pixotope straight away. However, Pixotope always shows an advisory warning for plugins that weren't explicitly compiled for Pixotope. Should you encounter any problems in the plugin operation we recommend recompiling it with the Pixotope SDK.

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