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Useful console commands

This page shows a table of useful console commands and what they are used for.

Open console command overlay

  • Press the ` key (backtick) shortcut
    (often re-bound to the INSERT or HOME key)

This can be done at runtime.

Change shortcut

  • Open Edit → Project settings
  • Search for Engine → Input → Console
  • Edit key value

Changing the shortcut in the Editor's preferences will not be sufficient. The shortcut might not work in Live mode.

Pixotope console commands

Console commandDetailsDefault value
FrameMatcher.AllowReplacementReplace missing packets, detected using packet numbers. Either with copies or interpolated1
FrameMatcher.AllowInterpolationReplace missing packets with interpolation. CTSReceiverCameraTracker.bEnablePacketReplacement must be 11
FrameMatcher.MethodOverrides frame matching method set in Syncing panel. Use FrameMatcher.Method ? to see more information.-1
stat PixotopeCameraTrackerComponentSee camera tracker component stats
stat ctsreceiverCtsreceiver plugin stats must be called after Stat PixotopeCameraTrackerComponent
CTSReceiver.EnableCrosshairTurn on crosshair for tuning decentering0
CTSReceiver.AllowCrosshairAllow seeing the crosshair when a true value, when false no crosshairs are allowed even if CTSReceiver.EnableCrosshair is true or Show Crosshair in Director is checked.1
CTSReceiver.EnableDistortionEnable distortion1
CTSReceiver.EnableFocusSet to 0 to disable dof, set to 1 or another true integer to enable dof1
showflag.depthoffieldSet to 1 to enable dof, 0 disables dof2
r.depthoffieldquality Set to 1 to enable dof, 0 disables dof2
CameraTracker.DisableNcamMapBackplaneA redundant method to disable the backplane with NCAM MAP distortion. Set to 0 to include the backplane1
CameraTracker.OverscanWhen greater than 0 the calculated overscan is multiplied by this, use if more overscan is needed.-1
Pixotope.PrintCameraTrackingSet to 1 to print incoming camera tracking packets in editor viewport0
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