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Monitor machine health - PRODUCTION

Diagnostics Panel

Our machine monitoring tool leverages the Windows local diagnostics service to show you important information on the current state of a machine’s hardware operations. All connected machines will be visible in the Health dashboard.

Please note you must grant access to Director

This tool, when paired with a Videohub, also lets you route machines as main and backups. The Health page’s dashboard interface then focuses on quick switching between the active machines' output feeds, in case of failover.

We currently only support the Black Magic Design Smart Videohub

Why this is helpful

To see relevant engine data against specified parameters in real time. Especially useful for identifying problematic hardware, and for live troubleshooting.

How to Setup

Any connected machine that is running local services will automatically populate the Health dashboard.

  • Go to Diagnostics > Settings

  • Press “Start local diagnostics service” and grant Director access

    • if you have “Start local diagnostics on startup” enabled, you will be asked to grant access when launching Director.

  • Increase or decrease the number of machines displayed in a single row in the Health dashboard as desired.

  • Tweak parameter thresholds as desired.

Switching flow:

Please note we currently only support the Black Magic Design Smart Videohub

  • Go to Diagnostics > Settings, press “Start local diagnostics service” and grant Director access

  • Enable Videohub

    • input your Videohub’s IP address and port number

    • Test connection

  • Add a row in the Machine mapping table

  • Map machines. A single row consists of:

    • a main machine and its input source from the Videohub

    • a backup machine and its input source from the Videohub

    • a single output destination

  • Once you are happy with your mapping, press “Sync this mapping”

  • Tweak parameter thresholds as desired.

The Health dashboard will now display your main & backup pairings in a single column with a “Switch ↑/↓” button in-between. When you click switch, Director will change which input source is feeding data to the output destination. Only 1 machine can be active in a pairing at a time.

Health Dashboard

  • **screenshot w/ structure annotations

  • Machine column turning red on critical

  • Extra info on “i” tooltip click. Visible when you hover over machine header

  • Videohub specific:

    • Switch button turning from ghost to primary on critical (but still work either way)

    • arrows

Routing/Videohub issues

  • Syncing

  • Locking

  • Enabling → Disabling & Disabling → Enabling

  • Misconfigurations

List of data we display


Default warning threshold

Default critical threshold

CPU core temperature

CPU core utilization

CPU fan speed

Video card temperature

RAM memory usage

GPU core temperature

GPU core utilization

GPU memory usage

Extra fans

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