Learn more about how to Configure your color pipeline

3D graphics and video are composited together in the compositing color space.

Compositing Color Space is a show setting and can be changed in SETUP > Show > Show settings > Base settings

In Pixotope you can choose between the following compositing color spaces:

Linear space

  • Photorealistic compositing

  • For HDR and color-managed workflows

  • The video input is converted to linear color data (with user-controlled color management) and combined with linear color graphics before being tone-mapped back to non-linear color data for the output

Video space (legacy)

The Video Space mode will configure Pixotope’s video mixing engine to work similarly to a traditional video mixer, where it combines the input video and generated graphics after being tonemapped.

  • For SDR and legacy workflows

  • No color management or HDR output

  • The input material is assumed to be Rec.709 and the graphics are mapped to Rec.709 before being combined with the video