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License types - Live, Artist and more

With a single subscription license of Pixotope, a customer, depending on the purchased plan, can get multiple concurrent uses of the software. These can be assigned individually to users.


  • Used in a studio environment to set up and run a show

  • The standard license for broadcasting (one per camera)

  • Contains all Pixotope components including the Editor


  • Used in a creative environment where no video I/O or camera/object tracking is needed yet

  • For users who only need the Editor, so they can assemble 3D content and build levels


  • Used to run Director on a separate machine for remote setup and control

  • No Editor included

Live license

Artist license

Control license


Data hub


↳ Tracking receiver

↳ Video Keyer

Tracking service (CTS)

Video IO service

Be aware that if the date or time is changed (specifically, to an earlier one) on the machine running the Director after the first launch of the Editor, our DRM system will recognize this as tampering and will prevent the launch of the Editor. Changing time zones is still respected and will not result in the Editor being shut down.

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