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Roles - Stand-alone, Client or Server

Roles are used to clearly define the responsibility of each machine in your Pixotope network.

A role has to be chosen the first time you start Director. However, a machine is not locked to this specific role. If the setup of your production changes, you can easily change its role via the Machine settings.


Choose this role

  • for a single machine production

  • OR a multi-machine production in which you want to do the configuration and calibration completely independently and only connect the machines afterwards for adjust and control - See Control mode - PRODUCTION for details

This is the only choice when using an Artist license.


Choose this role for all machines which connect to a Server and work on the Server’s open show.

The display color of a Client can be overridden in START > Storage > Machine settings > Name and color.


Choose this role for the machine in a Multi-machine production which stores/owns the show file.

A server accepts connections from all machines on the same subnet.

The display color of a server is fixed (pink).

Migrating from 1.x

The role selection acts similarly to choosing to run or connect to a Data hub. However, the role selection also defines where the SETUP data is stored.

  • Stand-alone/Server is similar to "Start own Data hub" in Pixotope 1.x

  • Client is similar to "Connect to other Data hub" in Pixotope 1.x

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