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Show files - where your SETUP is stored

In a "Show" file all SETUP view parameters of a project are stored. From this file you can easily create versions or backups of your show setup.

Show files (.pxshow) are specific to an installation and therefore stored in

  • [Installation folder]/Local storage/Show files

Show files folder location

Click on "Open folder location" in START > Storage > Machine settings > Local storage

Show file location

Find the path to a specific Show file by clicking on "Open show file location” in the overflow menu (3 dots at the right) of a show in START > Storage > Shows

As every Pixotope version has its own local storage folder, when installing a new Pixotope version, you are asked if you want to copy this folder to the new installation.

PRODUCTION view parameters are still stored in the project folder.
Learn more about What is stored where

The linked project

  • needs to be kept in sync manually

  • needs to be present on all machines and accessible with the same path as on the server machine

Migrating from 1.x

In Pixotope 2.0 projects can not be opened directly, they need to be linked to a show.

When you previously worked on the "Current project" you now work on the "Open show" and to "Set as current project" to work on a project, you now

  1. Click "Create new show" on START > Storage > Shows

  2. Select "from existing project"

  3. Link it to a specific project (.uproject file)

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