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Third-party plugins

In addition to all plugins shipping with Unreal Engine 4.27, Pixotope also ships with the following precompiled plugins:

  • Xsens: LiveLinkMVN (version 2021.1), Xsens B.V

  • Substance (version, Substance by Adobe

  • VaRest (version 1.1.33), Vladimir Alyamkin

  • Smartsuit Live (version 1.10.0), Rokoko Electronics ApS

which can be found here: [Installation folder]\Pixotope Engine\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace

If you have plugins that work with UE 4.27, you can just copy and paste them into your project's or the engine's Plugins directory. If you encounter problems we recommend recompiling the plugin using the Pixotope SDK.

Plugins are not enabled by default. Enable the plugin in the Editor under Edit → Plugins → [installed location]

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