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Configure and calibrate multi-machine syncing

Frame accurate syncing is essential in multi-machine setups.


  1. Set up a primary timecode source
    Learn more about how to Configure timecode (LTC)

  2. Set Multi-machine syncing to "Timecode" in SETUP > Show > Show settings > Base settings

  3. Launch levels on all machines

  4. Check if

    • timecode is available on all machines, by clicking on “Get all timecodes” in

      • SETUP > Calibration > Syncing

      • OR in the Status panel

A level needs to be running as the timecode is reported by the engine.

In case Multi-machine syncing is enabled and NO timecode is available:

  • All messages will still be processed, but they will not be in sync


  1. Go to SETUP > Calibration > Syncing

  2. Check if the input and output delays of all machines are the same

    • hardware differences might require to set different delays

Sync an XR wall with a virtual set extension

When working with virtual set extensions, the time between filming the LED screen and displaying the rendered content should ideally be 0. As this is physically not possible we have to

  • reduce latency for XR machines

  • mitigate the remaining time difference between XR and set extension using an AR set extension delay

Reduce latency

  1. Enable Allow decreasing buffer size

  2. Decrease the delay for

    1. XR machines on

      • tracking input

      • video output

    2. AR machine on

      • tracking input

Mitigate remaining time difference on AR machine

  1. Add AR set extension delay on the AR machine

  2. If needed, adjust the Engine API on the AR machine

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