Frame accurate syncing is essential in multi-machine setups.


  1. Set up a primary timecode source
    Learn more about how to Configure timecode (LTC)

  2. Set Multi-machine syncing to "Timecode" in SETUP > Show > Show settings > Base settings

  3. Launch levels on all machines

  4. Check if

    • timecode is available on all machines, by clicking on “Get all timecodes” in

      • SETUP > Calibration > Syncing

      • OR in the Status panel

A level needs to be running as the timecode is reported by the engine.

In case Multi-machine syncing is enabled and NO timecode is available:

  • All messages will still be processed, but they will not be in sync


  1. Go to SETUP > Calibration > Syncing

  2. Check if the input and output delays of all machines are the same

    • hardware differences might require slightly different delays

  3. In an XR setup with XR set extensions

    • Adjust the Execution time offset on the AR machines