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Permissions - affecting SETUP or PRODUCTION

Specify the permissions of a machine in a multi-machine environment based on their role.

Do you want to set up your multi-machine production from a single machine? Or rather set up your camera systems in parallel, but want to have central control when adjusting the levels? To accommodate the diverse ways multi-machine productions are set up, we introduce permissions affecting SETUP and PRODUCTION.

For Client and Server role (affecting SETUP)

To avoid accidentally changing other machines, you can control if you can view and/or edit the configuration of items (camera systems, media in- and outputs and object tracker groups) created on other machines by setting the permission level.

Permission level 1

  • Edit items created on this machine

  • Items created on other machines are hidden

  • Other machines are hidden (Routing and Status panel)

Permission level 2 (default)

  • Edit items created on this machine

  • Items created on other machines are read only

  • Other machines are read only (Routing and Status panel)

Permission level 3

  • Edit items created on any machine

  • Other machines can be edited (Routing and Status panel)

Migrating from 1.x

This permission control works similar to the "Control mode" in Pixotope 1.x

For Stand-alone role (affecting PRODUCTION)

The “Enable server connection” option allows you to connect stand-alone machines to a server to make central adjustments and control (PRODUCTION), while the configuration and calibration (SETUP) of each machine is not affected and can only be changed on the individual machines. The machines keep their own show file allowing for a completely independent setup.

When connecting to a server, commands from the adjust and control panels (PRODUCTION) are sent to all machines by default. Local adjustments made before connecting stay untouched!

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