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URL Image Actor

The URL Image Actor can be used to preload and display images from a URL in 3D space. It supports web links and local resources with the following formats:

  • PNG

  • JPEG

  • BMP


  1. To spawn drag and drop the URL Image Actor from the "Place Actors" list

  2. Set the NextURL property

  3. Click the Download Next Image function button

    • This preloads the image into a dynamic texture, but won’t display it yet

  4. Call (via the control panel or the API) the IsNextImageReady function several times to check if the image is ready

    • When testing in Editor you can just make sure that a new downloaded texture appeared

  5. Click the Apply Downloaded Image function button

    • The image is being displayed

    • Before triggering this function you might want to consider using scaling options to match your desired behaviour

All parameters and functions can be called remotely via the control panel or the API

Simple Remote Usage

Call the DownloadAndApplyImage function with an image URl as an argument (might take time to take effect before the download is finished).

Here’s an example URL-only call via Pixotope Gateway (targeting an actor called URLImageActor_1):


Using Blueprints

All of the above-mentioned functions and properties are also exposed to Blueprints and can be controlled this way.

Here is a simple test example that downloads and displays an image when user clicks button J on the keyboard:

Solving Color Issues

Depending on your virtual lights, post process, and the loaded image itself, the resulting colors might not be what you expect.

This can be adjusted by using a custom material for you URL Image Plane. This way you can design any adjustments and rendering qualities you like.

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