Currently Gateway doesn't hold any State values.

Non-state values

These values are read-only. However they reliably trigger updates and respond to gets.

• Videohub
Read-only State of Blackmagic Design's Videohub connected to this Gateway.
Use ConnectVideohub call to connect.

____◦ VideohubDevice MAP
____◦ InputLabels MAP
____◦ OutputLabels MAP
____◦ VideoOutputLocks MAP
____◦ VideoOutputRouting MAP

• VideohubConnectionStatus
Read-only The state of this Gateway's connection to Blackmagic Design's Videohub.
____◦ IsConnected BOOLEAN
____Whether we are connected to a Blackmagic Videohub.
____Last Blackmagic Videohub IP used.
____◦ Port NUMBER
____Last Blackmagic Videohub port used.