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Driving keyer parameters with camera (or other) values

Here is a workflow that will allow you to control keyer parameters with the help of some value found in engine. By default we are using FOV, meaning we are using camera Zoom as a driver to interpolate between keyer presets.

Learn more about how to create Presets

  • Add this Relay to Pixotope/PIXOTOPEVERSION/Services/QueryServer/Relays .

  • Unpack this zip into Pixotope/PIXOTOPEVERSION/Pixotope Engine/Engine/Content/PixotopeTools

  • Download this folder in the DeveloperTools repository:

  • Add an instance of the “Broadcaster” actor to your level, its very simple and can be made again, all content is in the event graph and runs on tick. By default it will broadcast the camera FOV.

Then we can set up the config.ini, here are the options (look into the default file for examples):

  • DriverService: The name of the service to listen to, most likely SOMETHING-Engine

  • DriverName: The name of the parameter you want to drive the data, for example camera FOV (this is the default opion), if you update this, be sure to also send updates on the new name (so update the Broadcaster actor in PixotopeTools/ParameterLERP)

  • DriverPoint1: Defines the lowest point from which to LERP, for FOV, it will designate an FOV where for any lower value, it will use 100 % of Preset1Name

  • Preset2Name: Same but for Upper target

  • TargetService: Target service to send updates to, usually Store unless you are doing something freaky

  • TargetName: Location of new values that are sent, change this to be the cameraname you want to make changes to.

  • UpdateInterval: Allows you to specify how frequently to send updates, value of 1 will update on every FOV change engine reports, so most likely every frame

Now you are ready to run the python script, it will keep running in the background until closed.


  • Python 3.10+

Pip libraries (install these via “pip install xxx” after you have python installed)

  • configparser

  • zmq

Here is an example of running with dummy data being broadcasted from engine as FOV, lerping between two presets:

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