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Use IO effects

In the IO effects panel, you can find effects which are applied in the video IO service.


The sharpening effect allows to sharpen camera systems or media inputs.

If the input is being keyed, this effect will be applied on the keyed image


The amount by which the image should be sharpened.


Using the visualizer you can overlay

  • a histogram

  • a vectorscope

  • a waveform monitor

  • the timecode

  • logs

onto inputs and outputs.

Body Pose Estimation

Enable Body Pose Estimation for any input.

Learn more about how to Set up Body Pose Estimation (BPE)


The Active checkbox allows to toggle the feature without the videoIO service needing to restart. To completely turn off the effect uncheck the Enable checkbox.

Show skeleton

When enabled, the detected skeleton is overlaid onto the video.

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