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Configure camera input switching

You can switch the active camera system (video and tracking source) between the camera systems added to the groups.

Enable camera input switching

  1. Enable “Camera input switching" in SETUP > Show > Show settings

Define camera system groups

  1. Per machine: Route the camera systems which should be switched between

  2. Select the first camera systems to be in Group A

  3. Select the second camera systems to be in Group B

Add/remove groups

  1. Click on "Add +" to add an additional group

  2. Click on the Trash can icon to remove the group

There can be up to 4 groups.

Switch between groups

When using camera input switching in an XR setup with set extension, checkout
Sync an XR wall with a virtual set extension

Using Director

  1. Switch using the Group A/Group B radio button in the Routing panel

Using a URL ( HTTP request)

Use a URL only HTTP request (via Gateway) where ParamNumber refers to the group.

  • Group A: ParamNumber=0

  • Group B: ParamNumber=1

  • Group C: ParamNumber=2

  • Group D: ParamNumber=3


Learn more about How to use Pixotope Gateway

Using the control panel (HTTP request)

  1. Drag an InvokeURL system action onto a trigger widget

  2. Paste the above HTTP request into the argument field

Learn more about System actions

OR download this ready made control panel to Switch between camera groups

Switch between camera groups.pxpanel

Using the control panel (API Log)

Using the control panel (API Log)

Create widget

  1. Press T in your control panel to bring up the Widgets toolbox

  2. Select a tab widget

  3. Click and drag on the canvas to place it

  4. Change the Display Name on the tabs via Widget tab > Options

    • Set the values to 1 for Group A and 2 for Group B

Listen to the Director action

Make sure that you have routed your cameras and defined the camera system groups before you listen to the action. For every change to on of the groups, the actions need to be updated!

  1. Select the API Log tab

  2. Listen to the Set type by enabling the Set filter

    • Click the x icon to clear the logs

    • Click Play icon to start listening to messages

  3. In Director: Switch from Group A to Group B and back again

  4. Click on the Pause icon to stop listening to messages

Link the action

  1. Double click the tab widget

  2. Drag either one of the Set messages onto the Source/Target of this action

  3. Click the action to open the Code Editor

  4. Add a dynamic argument called for example value and replace the number in the message so it looks like this:

      "Params": {
        "Number": "{{value}}"

  5. Right click the Tab widget and drag its Select value into the value argument of the action

  6. Press R or the "Play" button in the header to try it out

If multiple camera systems are routed to one machine and none of them are part of any group, the first camera system is used.

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