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License modes - online and offline licensing

Pixotope uses a subscription model for licensing, which allows customers to create their own users and assign licenses to them.

We support two modes of operation for licenses:

The mode of a license can be changed at any time from Pixotope Director if you have an internet connection.

Online mode

  • Default mode

  • An internet connection is required

  • The license is linked to a specific user account that is created and controlled by the customer

  • Cloud-based floating license

  • Used in non-live environments

Offline mode

  • An online license can be changed into an offline license for a specific period of time

  • No internet connection is necessary while in offline mode

  • If the machine crashes and can no longer start, the license cannot be released until the end of the offline period

  • Node-locked

  • Used in a live broadcast environment or if an internet connection is not available

The usual method for going offline is to first use the internet to connect online, select the licence, and then switch to offline mode. Where it is not possible to access the internet, because of security or connection concerns, you can create an “air-gapped” licence with a simple process.

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