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Pixotope API - Examples


In order to use these tools you need Pixotope running on that machine. At the minimum, a Data hub and Store needs to run.

The examples work the same on a Single-machine as on a Multi-machine network. So if your machine is a Client that is connected to a Server the tools will be able to use both machines, and any other connected machines.

Data Integration Examples

In the Calibration Project shipped together with Pixotope Engine you can find a level containing blueprints (and code snippets) set up to present various ways of using Pixotope API.

Read more on that here:

Calibration Project | LVL_PixotopeDataIntegration

Code Examples

Aside simple API examples, we have also included a suite of small internal developer tools that we have developed ourselves to diagnose and develop features. These tools we are providing as open-source under a permissive license in this repository.

Keep in mind that they might be a bit unpolished.

Pixotope Developer Tools - Binaries

  • Pixotope Explorer

    • Read and write to all Pixotope services

    • Read all or filtered traffic over the DH2 network in real time

    • Send ZeroMQ messages

  • Pixotope VideIO Image viewer

    • Access images from the pipeline (videoIO) service

  • Data hub 2 Test app

    • Test sending messages and dragging sliders

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