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Pixotope API - Reserved strings

We have several strings that are reserved and mean a specific thing, this means that you should never use them for anything else, and always use them when applicable.

Datahub Internal

  • :::

    • Triple colon is used in Datahub internally as a separator, never put this in a message topic or strange things can happen.


These strings refer to specific services and should always be used in the API when referring to them, and never for anything else.

  • Store

  • CTS

  • Pipeline

  • Daemon

  • Engine

  • AssetHub

  • Director

  • License

  • QueryServer

  • Gateway

  • Explorer


  • State

  • PersistentState

    • Used for maintaining data that is not per show (service persists it manually in some database or config)

    • Examples of use

      • Daemon, AssetHub

  • SystemInfo

    • Used for continuously updating data sent from a service to be subscribed to, QueryServer listens to this specific string from all services and combines them all into the single endpoint “CombinedSystemInfo”.

    • Examples of use

      • Diagnostics, Engine, Pipeline, QueryServer


    • Adding this prefix to a “Name” field makes DH2 know that this message can be dropped if it is part of an “Update” with target “BROADCAST” if the network is overloaded, it can be used for high frequency data gathering.

    • Implementations

      • LOWPRIO_HighFrequencyInfo

        • A high-frequency version of SystemInfo, used for per-frame or similar stats

      • LOWPRIO_EnginePreview

        • Engine updates for camera positions of other machines.

  • Health

    • General health check, used by PixotopeDump, put info that you might want to expose for diagnostic purposes in here

    • Examples of use

      • PixotopeDump, Pipeline

  • Event

    • Used in specialized “Update” messages to signal some event was triggered.

    • Examples of use

      • Assethub, Canary

Path aliases

The following strings can be used in API to build relative project paths and workspace paths. We strongly advise against creating file system folders with such names.


    • Refers to application installation folder.

    • Example: %APPLICATION%\Pixotope Engine\Projects\PixotopeCalibration


    • Refers to Synced Config folder.

    • Example: %SYNCED_CONFIG%\Lens Files


    • Refers to Synced Storage folder.

    • Example: %SYNCED_STORAGE%\Projects\PixotopeCalibration

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