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Pixotope Store - API


Pixotope Store is a Pixotope Service which exists only once per network. It can be considered the main backend component of a Pixotope Network, even though states can also live outside of the Store itself.

List of responsibilities

  • Storing global data (such as Cameras, VideoIOs, Show Settings, etc) in its own State (meaning it is per Show)

    • The State of Store is very malleable and can fit any custom data you want to put into it

  • Keeping memory of all states (its own and all service states) in .pxshow files. This way you can switch between complete sets of states (Shows)

  • Exposing specific backend data (that is within its domain) to anyone interested

    • For example showing which clients are connected to the network, or what shows are available

  • Exposing specific backend functionality (that is within its domain) to anyone interested

    • For example giving the possibility to add a camera, or change a show

Store can run in two modes, server or standalone. The mode is passed to Store on startup, along with an optional IP for broadcasting on, like so:

./Store.exe --mode server --ip





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