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Pixotope Synchronized Events

SynchronizedEvents is a content pack for Pixotope that shows an example Blueprint setup triggering timecode-synchronized logic from one machine and executes on all machines simultaneously.

This Blueprint is only useful if you need to synchronize triggers sent FROM the engine. Calling functions from Director or the Control Panel will be synchronized by default.

  • The provided Blueprint is a clean slate to be filled in with custom logic, please modify it according to your needs

  • This is an advanced use case and requires substantial understanding of both the Unreal Engine and Pixotope to be used correctly

Initial Setup

This setup requires Multi-machine syncing to be configured correctly, with timecode feeds reaching every Engine. Learn more about how to Configure and calibrate multi-machine syncing

  1. Start the engine and add SynchronizedEvents to your project

    The package contains only one blueprint actor:

  2. Drag the blueprint actor into your level and set the name of the master machine (it will be the only one with the authority to send messages)

  3. Make sure that your blueprint is allowed to receive keyboard input (just for testing with keyboard keys)

  4. Start Preview Live and press U, to test if the system works

Data-driven Custom Logic

This Send String method can be used to send any string through the network.

Modify the Synced Function to suit your needs.

Right now it only prints current timecode and the string received, but this is the part you can replace with your logic.

If your message is a JSON object, you need to remove the quotes around it in the Send String function, so it is parsed correctly.

  1. Open the Send String function

  2. In the Append function remove the last quote in C and the first quote in E

This way you should end up having "Content":{"Name":"Value"}

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