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Set up synchronized video playback


We use Bink Video for Unreal Engine for media playback because of its high performance.

This works well on its own, but it is a challenge to make sure that the playback is synchronized across all machines in a multi-machine setup. Starting them at the same time is a good start, but because of frame drops or restarts, they might go out of sync.

To solve this, we provide a SyncedMedia asset that will make Bink media stay in sync across a Pixotope network.

Set up video playback

Learn more about how to Set up video playback

Set up synchronization

Setup in Editor

  1. In the Content browser go to Engine Content/PixotopeTools/MediaSync


  2. Drag the SyncedMedia asset into your scene

  3. Select the SyncedMedia actor in your scene and go to the Details panel

  4. In Synced Medias, add all Bink Media Player objects that you wish to sync


For testing, there is an example Bink Media Player asset in [Installation folder]\Pixotope Engine\Engine\Content\PixotopeTools\MediaSync\ExampleContent\

You might need to update the path in the Bink Media Player manually for it to work.

  1. Place an actor in your level with a material that is based on the Bink Media Player

Setup in Director

Designate a machine as the "Source of truth" for the media playback timing. All other machines will adapt to where the video is on this machine

  1. Make sure all video, tracking and set extension delays are correctly set up, so all machines are in sync


  2. Go to SETUP > Configure > Machines

  3. On the designated machine, click on Groups and add a custom group named SyncedMediaMaster
    (or another name of your choosing, as defined in Synced Media Master Role Name on the SyncedMedia actor)


  4. The playback of all machines are now directed by this designated machine

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