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Using Data Mapper

A Data Mapper addon/license is needed

  • to create data sources, fetch and store the data (1 per Pixotope network)

Add the Data Mapper license on the Server machine.

Add a data source

  1. In Director go to SETUP > Show > Data sources

  2. Click "Add data source"

  3. Paste a URL into the Data source URL input field

    • Data is fetched immediately and can be previewed

      • under Data preview

      • OR by clicking on "Show raw data"

  4. Set the Read frequency how often the data should be fetched

    • OR set a Custom frequency in seconds

  5. Enable the data source

    • This writes the data to Store

    • AND starts the reading interval

When Pixotope is started

  • the data of all enabled Data sources is read

  • and continuous to be read based on the set Read frequency

  • until Pixotope is closed or the Data source is disabled

Edit the data source

  1. Click on the Edit icon

Toggle data sources

  1. To enable/disable a data source, click on the toggle

Read from data source

Manually trigger reading of the data.

  1. Click the Read now icon to read from a specific data source
    OR click Read from all sources to read from all sources

This will

  • overwrite the old with the newly read data

  • reset the timer for the Read frequency

Delete data source

  1. Click the Delete icon to delete the data source

This deletes the data source and all its read data on Store.

Use the data

Every time the data is read from an enabled data source, it is being stored in the Pixotope Store (Show file). The previously read data is being overwritten.

The data which is being read can be linked to any Pixotope Engine property.

Via Control panel

  1. Open the control panel in which you want to use the data

  2. Select the Data sources tab

  3. Select the Data source you would like to use the data from

  4. Search for the data to use

  5. Link the data to control

Via Blueprints

Learn more about how to Read data from the Store

Supported sources





RSS Feeds


Public APIs

JSON, XML, CSV, Plain Text

Google Sheets

Change General access to: "Anyone with a link"

To target a specific sheet, include its gid number

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