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Video IO API - State


  "State": {
    "Refsource" : string; // Reference source, external, internal, sdi0, …
    "Routing" : {
      "[VideoIO_object_id]" : {
      	"Timecode": string; // Timecode source
      	"Video": string; // SDI#, File name, or NDI source name
    "Pipeline": {
      "BPE": {
        "CameraFocalLength": float; // Current focal length, set from engine
        "DrawLines": boolean; // draw BPE lines
        "Execute": boolean; // starts/stop BPE
        "ID": string; // The ID of the VideoIO object
        "SendDH2": boolean; //if on sends BEP data via DH2
      "NVARIsInstalled": boolean; //if BPE SDK is installed
    "Visualizer" : {
      "Enabled": boolean; // Requires ID to be valid too
      "ID": string; // The ID of the VideoIO object
      "ShowStatus": boolean; // Default disabled - Shows things such as build information, node health status information
      "ShowVisualizers": boolean; // Default enabled - Shows the graphical visualizers
      "ShowLogs": boolean; // Default disabled - Shows the logs on video
      "ShowTimecode": boolean; // Default disabled - Prints the timecode on the video
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