Install different versions of Pixotope in parallel

Starting with 2.0 it is possible to install different versions of Pixotope in parallel.

Note: Remember to create copies of your projects, if the new Pixotope version ships with an upgrade of the Unreal Engine version.

Hardware and software setup

System setup

Check out the hardware and software requirements before starting the installation.


  • Have the latest Windows updates installed

    • Pause updates while you are in production (you can pause updates for a specified period of time in the Windows Update settings)

  • Disable the Windows game bar -

  • Disable any third-party program that adds any overlay

  • Do not install any tweaking or overclocking programs

  • Clean-install the Nvidia display drivers without Geforce Experience - Nvidia driver installation

  • For performance-critical setups: Make sure your hardware has sufficient cooling, since CPUs/GPUs start thermal throttling around 85-90 degrees, which will cause stuttering and hitching

Network setup

We recommend using static IP addresses in a production environment. You can, however, also use DHCP.

An internet connection is required for initial activation of the license and for Online license mode.

Learn more about license modes

Ports used by Pixotope

  • 443 (internet) - License activation on

  • 4200 (local) - Pixotope DRM

  • 8567 (local) - Tracking Server to Editor

  • 12345 - Director

  • 16201-16208 - DH2 Communication

  • 65023 - PX Tracking

Port conflicts

In the event of a port conflict, we recommend that you stop any processes that are blocking the ports used by Pixotope.

To check which processes are using the port:

  • Open Resource Monitor > Network tab > Listening Ports

For Active Directory setups

Add the following system path to the environment variable PATH:


If you have any problems running Data hub or accessing other Pixotope workstations in the network, make sure you have:

  • disabled the Windows firewall

  • set the network profile to private

  • shut down any system optimizers or any software that manipulates the data flow

  • check the installation path for non-ascii characters (see the Language support section below)

Language support

Pixotope supports the usage and displaying of characters for most languages out of the box.

For full support of Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters (for display or in file/installation paths) the following Windows setting needs to be enabled:

  1. Go to Windows Settings > Time & Language > Language > Related settings: Administrative language settings > Change system locale...

  2. Enable “Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support”

Download software

Download Pixotope from the Pixotope Cloud → Pixotope Cloud

Run the installer

Unzip the Pixotope installer zip file and run the Pixotope installer located in the root folder.

Windows User Account Control might ask you for permission to make changes to your device.

Select an installation folder

By default, Pixotope Suite will be installed in the folder:

C:\Pixotope Technologies\Pixotope\[version number]-[build number]\

Do not install into the “Program Files” or “Program Files (x86)” folder.

For file paths with non-ascii characters see the Language support section above

Start the installation

This will take several minutes. Please make sure that you do not interrupt the process. 

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