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Pattern files

For offset and fixed lens calibration a pattern is necessary. If the original board or roll-up pattern sold by Pixotope is not available, it can be printed from the pdf files below.

Since these patterns are used as calibration tools, the final quality of the tracking is in direct correlation with the accuracy of the pattern print. When printing the pattern, the following factors have to be taken care of with great accuracy:

  1. The dimensions in both directions have to be exactly as in the pdf file.

  2. The print has to be stuck onto a board or surface that is perfectly plane, meaning perfectly two dimensional. The slightest bending, unevenness or looseness of the pattern makes a correct calibration impossible.


pdf file

Single Target Pattern 10x7:

Point distance: 45mm


Double Target Pattern 10x9:

Point distance: 50mm


TalenTrack Pattern 5x4:

Point distance: 220mm


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