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Pixotope Tracking Manuals

TrackMen Operating System

This page includes the Installation of the Operating System, setting up the Remote Access, installing the Tracking Software and an overview of the GUI.

Pixotope Vision

Manuals for Pixotope Vision, including Marker edition as well as the summarizing Setup Checklist.

Pixotope Fly

Working Principle, Requirements, Setup, Calibration and Operation of Pixotope Fly.

User Guide

A manual for customers who have received a fixed installation of a Pixotope Tracking system - Marker or Vision Edition / VioTrack R.



Torq2FBX is a compact program to record tracking data and associated time code and save it as an animation in an .fbx file format for later import into a 3D engine.


External Encoders

How to install and use external lens encoders with Pixotope Tracking which read the position of zoom and focus rings.


FoV Table

In case of significant discrepancies in the field of view while zooming.


Variable Focus

In case of significant focus breathing on a lens with a fixed focal length.


Unreal Engine 4 Plugin

The documentation can be found in the “Description” section on the “TrackMen VP cam” website in the Epic Games marketplace.


A user manual including hardware setup, calibration and usage of the real-time and markerless 3D body pose tracking system.


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