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Configure audio output

We support digital audio output generated in the Pixotope engine using the following methods:

  • embedded over SDI

  • AES/EBU* - via an SDI bnc or XLR cable
    * supported only on AJA Kona 5 (with 4K firmware)

See System Requirements for details.

Output of audio to NDI or File is currently not supported

Enabling audio output

  1. Enable audio on SETUP > Configure > VideoIO > Video output

  2. Adjust the “Audio Delay” as necessary

The audio is currently output on all SDI channels.

Audio delay should be approximately the same as the video output delay e.g. for 2 frames video output delay at 59.94Hz, set the audio delay to 33 msec; for 3 frames at 50Hz, set to 60 msec. The minimum delay should be 10-15 msec.

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