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Output UMG to SDI

  1. Search for “Pixotope Widget Renderer” in the Modes search bar and add the Pixotope Widget Rendered to your level.

  2. Create a Widget Blueprint

  3. Create a Widget Blueprint.

    In the “Details” tab, assign the widget class and widget you want to use.

  4. In the Widget Blueprint, if you have a Text you can add a binding to drive the text data.

    • Click “Bind” and select “GetText”

  5. Create a variable, make it public, and plug it into the return value of the return node

  6. Create a Blueprint. In this Blueprint, create a Pixotope Widget Renderer Object Reference

    • Make this variable public

  7. In the Event Graph you can create a Blueprint to cast directly to the Widget Blueprint you’ve created and drive the text however you like

    • Here is a simple Blueprint example of how to drive text in the Pixotope Widget Renderer:

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