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File syncing using Asset Hub - Experimental

This feature is experimental. We do not recommend using it in production.
See below: Known limitations and issues for this first version.

The Asset Hub is a service which automatically synchronises any content of a specified folder between all connected machines.

How to use the Asset Hub

Enable Asset Hub

  1. Enable Asset Hub in SETUP > Show > Show settings > Experimental features

    • This enables the Asset Hub on all connected machines

After enabling, a banner is shown on the Launch panel offering the following options

  • a shortcut to the Synced Projects folder

  • an option to pull changes - this gets the latest pushed changes from the Asset Hub

    • this happens automatically by default

    • there are rare cases where this needs to be triggered manually

  • an option to push changes - this sends the latest local changes to the Asset Hub

    • after sending the changes has finished, they are automatically pulled on all connected machines

Configure Asset Hub

  1. In the Asset Hub banner click on “Open folder location” to open the Synced Projects folder location

    • [Installation folder]\..\Synced Projects

      • for example C:\Pixotope Technologies\Pixotope\Synced Projects\

    • NOTE: this folder location is currently fixed

  2. Copy your project into this folder

  3. In Show > Show settings, edit the linked project path (Stand-alone and Server role) to point to the Synced Projects folder

Initial push of the project

  1. Click the “Push changes” button in the Launch panel

    • The project will be pushed to be processed by the Asset Hub

    • After that, all connected machines will pull the project into their Synced Projects folder

Make changes to files

  1. Make changes to your levels (save them!) or to any files within the Synced Projects folder

  2. Click the “Push changes” button in the Launch panel

Known limitations and issues

Enabling Asset Hub when in Stand-alone role, can result in errors when in a multi-machine setup. See below

  • When Push/Pull changes displays an error (this can occur when switching roles while having Asset Hub enabled)

    1. On the server machine: Disable Asset Hub in SETUP > Show > Show settings > Experimental features

    2. On the machine, showing the error:

      1. Delete the folder client in [Installation folder]\Services\AssetHub\runtime\

      2. Delete or move the folder Default in [Installation folder]\..\Synced Projects\

    3. On the server machine: Enable Asset Hub and try again

    4. On the machine, showing the error:

      • The folder Default in [Installation folder]\..\Synced Projects\ will be automatically created and populated with the latest changes from server

  • When pushing changes, there is no notification about when all machines have finished pulling the changes

    • Showing when a machine has finished pulling changes, is currently only shown on the local machine pulling the changes

  • Sometimes the local pull notification is not shown in Director

Planned for next releases

  • Customisable Synced Projects folder path

  • Syncing progress bars showing the status of all machines

  • Per project control and toggles for automatic pulling

  • Ability to create synced projects (projects initially stored in Asset Hub)

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