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Edit and layout widgets

Edit widgets

  1. Right click one or more widgets

    • OR select them on the canvas or the "Control panel" tab in the "Properties" drawer

  2. Change any of the properties in the properties section by clicking into its value field

When widgets of different types are selected, only properties they have in common are shown.

Common properties


Name (unique)


Main color


Show an internal label, style and position it

Size and position

X, Y, width and height

Populate Options for Tab and Select widget

  1. Select the Tab or Select widget

  2. Double click the List icon of an Enum or Array like property in the "Engine" tab of the "Properties" drawer

  3. Remove or reorder options if needed

  4. Click "Confirm"

Layout widgets

Widgets placed on the control panel are laid out on a responsive grid. A widget which is covering half the width of the control panel, will do so regardless of how wide your browser screen is.

Use font size Auto to automatically adjust the font size based on the actual widget size.

Font size: Auto

Font size: Fixed

Organize widgets

To organize your widgets in the control panel you have different options.

Use regions

If you run out of space, you can switch from the center region (5) to one of the 8 surrounding regions in the control panel.

Switch between regions

  • Open the Minimap on the bottom right corner of the canvas and click on a region

  • Use the number keys 1-9

  • Use C to switch to the center region (5)

  • Use the Trigger_Goto region action from the System actions menu

Use color

Every widget has a main color allowing to create visual relationships

Use internal labels

Every widget has an internal label allowing you to add descriptions.

Right click the widget to toggle, style and position it.

Choose the position of the internal label

Use groups

Group background widgets allow to group widgets together

Double click the header of the group widget to select and move all widgets within the group

Use modal dialogs

Any group can be turned into a modal dialog which can be triggered from any region.

  1. Enable Modal in the Group widget properties

  2. Link the Show modal action to a widget

  3. Place the widget where ever needed

Showing the modal dialog can also be linked to a hotkey. Learn more about how to use hotkeys

Use label widgets

Label widgets allow to add longer descriptions with more formatting options.

Arrange widgets

  1. To group select widgets, go into Select mode by pressing V

  2. Move, resize, cut, copy and paste the widgets

  3. Align the widgets by opening the align dialog via the shortcuts tray

  4. Return to Draw mode by pressing V again

Select widgets

Select a single widget

  • Click the widget on the canvas


  • Select the widget name in the Properties drawer > Widgets tab

Select multiple widgets

  • Drag a selection rectangle over the widgets in the canvas

If the mode is set to Insert, it automatically switches to Select when the insert rectangle intersects with another widget. To manually switch to Select, click on the icon in the toolbar or press V.

Copy/Duplicate widgets

Duplicate one or more widgets

  1. Select the widgets to copy

  2. Press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V (or Ctrl+D)

    • the widgets are inserted at the location of the mouse or the next available space

    • NOTE: this also works across different control panels!


  1. Select the widgets to copy

  2. Press the Alt key and start dragging the selection

Actions are copied together with the widget. If a copied action refers to a widget included in the selection, the action is updated to refer to the new widget.

For copying actions only check out Copy an action

Align widgets

  1. Select the widgets to align

  2. Press A or click the align icon in the toolbar

Depending on the selection you get the option to

  • Align left, right and center

  • Align top, bottom and center

  • Extend to the left, right or on both ends

  • Extend to the top, bottom or on both ends

Snap to grid

There are cases where a widget can end up not being aligned to the grid.

  • Press S to snap all widgets to the grid

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