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Sync files using Asset Hub

The Asset Hub service automatically synchronizes content in ...\Pixotope\Synced Storage between connected machines.

It contains 2 sub folders

  • Projects for your project folders/files (levels, maps, .uproject)

  • Common for any other files you want to sync across machines

The Synced Storage folder lives outside the installation folder and its path can currently not be changed.

The Common folder is automatically setup when installing Pixotope, and is always displayed in the Launch panel.

Learn more about the Pixotope Asset Hub service

How to set up synced projects

For a new show

Learn more about how to Create, open and manage shows

For an existing show

  1. Click "Open folder location" in the Project or Common files header in SETUP > Show > Launch

  2. Manually move or copy the project folder into the Synced Storage/Projects path

  3. Go to SETUP > Show > Show Settings

  4. Click "Add project link" or "Edit project path" in the Linked projects table

  5. Select the desired project from the Synced Storage/Projects path

The folders DerivedDataCache, Intermediate, and Saved are ignored by default.
Learn more about Ignored files/folders

How to sync files

Example flow

  1. User on machine A

    • makes changes and pushes them

  2. Machine B and C which have Auto-pull on

    • automatically pull these changes

  3. User on machine D

    • pulls these changes

Pushing changes

Pulling changes

Levels should be closed while syncing.

Launch panel after setting up projects to be synced

In the Launch panel each synced project has

  • an Open folder location button

  • a button to Push changes - this sends any local changes to the Server machine’s cache

  • a button to Pull changes - this gets the latest pushed changes from the Server machine’s cache

  • a toggle to Auto-pull - this will automatically pull changes as they become available from the Server machine’s cache

Initial push of the project

  1. Click the "Push changes" button in the Launch panel

    • The project is optimized for syncing and then pushed to the server machine

The status panel (click the footer) will show you the sync progress and status

Syncing (Push/Pull) is done per project.

Pull the project/changes

After the push is done and the syncing to the server has finished, connected machines will be/show Out of sync. Now they can pull the project into their Synced Storage/Projects folder.

  1. Click the "Pull changes" button in the Launch panel


  1. Enable "Auto-pull" to automatically pull new changes

To avoid conflicts, Auto-pull is switched OFF, when launching a level in EDITOR.

Make changes to files

  1. Edit your project files as needed

  2. Don’t forget to save!

  3. Click on "Push changes" when you're ready to share

  4. Other machines can manually pull or automatically receive these changes after they have been pushed

Special cases

Editing the same files

If different machines are editing the same file and then

  • Push

    • the version from the one which pushes last will persist

  • Pull

    • the local file will be renamed [File name].pxconflict_[date]_[time].[File extension]

Changing servers

The Asset Hub cache lives on the server machine. It holds

  • the cache of the files

  • the changelog

In case the changelog of the Asset Hub cache does not correspond to the one of the connected machines, pushing or pulling changes will result in an error due to a mismatch of their "history".

To resolve this error:

  1. Hold down Ctrl and click the "Force pull changes" button in the Launch panel

Start with a clean slate

In case one of the machines is out of sync and you want to ignore any conflicts and start with a clean slate

On the machine which has the most recent version:

  1. Click "Push changes"

On the machine which is out of sync:

  1. Go to SETUP > Show > Show settings > Linked projects

  2. Click on the overflow menu of the project you want to sync

  3. Click "Hard reset and pull (Destructive)"

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