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Configure audio output

We support digital audio output generated in the Pixotope engine using the following methods:

  • embedded over SDI

  • AES/EBU* - via an SDI bnc or XLR cable
    * supported only on AJA Kona 5 (with 4K firmware)

See System Requirements for details.

Output of audio to NDI or File is currently not supported

Enabling audio output

  1. Enable audio on SETUP > Configure > Routing > Output > Audio

  2. Adjust the “Audio Delay” on SETUP > Calibrate > Syncing

The audio is currently output on all SDI channels.

Audio delay should be approximately the same as the video output delay e.g. for 2 frames video output delay at 59.94Hz, set the audio delay to 33 msec; for 3 frames at 50Hz, set to 60 msec. The minimum delay should be 10-15 msec.

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