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Pixotope Director - Interface

Left side menu

The menu on the left is divided into 3 different views which are based on specific steps in a production:

  • The START view is used to handle your shows and machine settings

  • The SETUP view is used for setting up camera, tracking and video for your open show

  • The PRODUCTION view is used for adjusting running levels and also controlling them through your control panels

Show/Hide menu

The visibility of the left side menu can be toggled by

  • clicking on Show/Hide menu icon (all the way to the left) in the header

  • OR pressing Ctrl+/

  • reducing your window width to 725px or lower (around a quarter of a standard desktop monitor’s size)

Panels - main area

Via the left side menu you get access to a number of different panels:

Learn more about the panels in the START view at Starting Director

Learn more about the panels in the SETUP view at Setting up a show

Learn more about the panels in the PRODUCTION view at Making adjustments and Creating a custom control panel

Common panels in all views



Provides a link to our online documentation at → and an option to download it as a PDF.


Links to our Frequently Asked Questions on →

Report issue

Opens a form which will create a support ticket.

View tickets

Links to the Support section of the → Pixotope Cloud

Give feedback

Links to our Share your feedback form on →

Status bar/ Status panel

The Status bar is at the bottom of the screen

  • shows all connected machines and the status of their main services

    • Engine

    • Asset Hub

    • Tracking

    • VideoIO

Click the Status bar to show more details. The status panel shows

  • all connected machines

  • if multi-machine syncing is enabled

  • the state of their primary and secondary timecode sources, allowing to

    • grab a timecode sample by clicking on it

    • grab and hold to grab continues timecode samples

  • shows all running levels, allowing to

    • close and reload levels

  • shows all running main services, allowing to

    • restart and stop the main services

User menu

The user menu can be accessed by clicking the username in the upper right-hand corner. It provides:

  • License information:

  • Access to your user account on Pixotope Cloud

  • The option to log out

Windows menu

The Windows menu, accessed from the three vertical dots in the upper left-hand corner, provides access to:

  • File options:

    • Open a new Director window

    • Quit Director

  • View options:

    • Toggle full screen

    • Toggle left side menu

    • Zoom controls

  • Help options:

    • Above mentioned Help options

    • End-User license agreement (EULA)

    • Privacy Policy

    • Subscription agreement

    • About Director

    • Pixotope version

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