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Trigger actions sequentially with the playlist widget

The playlist widget lets you trigger actions in a sequential order. They can be triggered manually or automatically by setting a duration and enabling to jump to the next action. You can also trigger playlists from other playlists to enact different sequences of actions.

Resetting a playlist only resets the widget, not the actions within the playlist. It is a firing order, and does not keep track of the state of an action once it is played.

Add playlist widget

  1. Press T or double click the canvas

  2. Select the Playlist widget from the toolbox

  3. Click + drag to place the widget with your desired size

Build your playlist

Add actions

  1. Drag an action or property

    • onto the Playlist widget

    • into its Actions list

  2. Use the drag handle on the left of the action in the Actions list to rearrange its order

    • Note: when adding an action, it will be added at the end of the list

  3. Click on the action to expand and view the Source & Target properties, and any arguments exposed for function or API calls

Learn more about how to Add widgets and actions

Edit action

  1. Customise the action name so it is easier to recognise it in the playlist. Click into the Name field and start typing

Set Duration

  1. Enable the duration checkbox

  2. Set a duration using the hh:mm:ss:ms format

Actions are triggered at the start of the duration. The duration does not animate an action. It simply acts as a specified waiting period for this action before moving to the next one.

Set Auto-next

  1. Enable the auto-next checkbox to automatically trigger the next action in the playlist.

Duration enabled

the next action will be played after the current action’s duration is finished

Duration disabled

the next action will be played instantly

Build your playlist controls

To control a playlist, you can use the builtin controls at the bottom of the widget or you can build your own controls. For this, the playlist widget exposes actions. The can be used

  • to control the playlist using for example a Trigger button or other playlists

  • to get relevant information using for example a Label

Create a custom play next button

  1. Right click the playlist widget which should be controlled

  2. In the properties dialog scroll to the trigger actions

  3. Drag the NextAction trigger action onto the canvas

  4. Pick a trigger button from the toolbox

Trigger actions


Triggers the next action in the playlist


Resets the entire playlist (Note: this will not reset the state of the actions, just the order of the playlist)


Triggers the specified action and continues the playlist from that point.
Takes a number as argument.


Jumps to the specified action and pauses the playlist at that point.
Takes a number as argument.


Pauses the playlist (Note: does not pause the action content)


Resumes the paused playlist


To be used in the playlist itself. There you can set a wait duration.

Get actions


Displays the index of the currently played action


Displays the name of the currently played action


Displays the duration of the currently played action, if available


Displays the progress (0-1) of the currently played action, if duration is set


Displays a timer for how long an action has been playing


Displays the index of which action is up next


Displays the name of which action is up next


Displays the overall time elapsed since triggering the first item in the playlist


Displays the total number of actions in a playlist

Go Live

Use the playlist controls at the bottom of the playlist or your custom created controls.

  • Per playlist only 1 action can be triggered at the same time. However multiple playlists can be played at the same time

  • Actions with no duration and Auto-next enabled are executed immediately after each other

  • Using trigger actions, one playlist can trigger other playlists

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