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Output UMG to SDI

Create widget

  1. Right click in the Content Drawer and create an Editor Utility Widget

  2. Select CanvasPanel in the upcoming dialog

  3. Rename it to "MyWidget"

  4. Search for Pixotope Widget Renderer in the Spawning Mode or the Place Actors tab and add it to your level

  5. In the Details tab under Render Texture > Widget Asset, assign the widget class you created in step 1

  6. Open MyWidget and add a Text block into the canvas

  7. Select the Text block and create a binding to the text

  8. In the graph view, click the Return Value and select Promote to variable

  9. Make the variable public by toggling the eye icon next to the variable on the left. Rename it if you want

  10. Compile and save the widget blueprint

Control variable

  1. Open your Level Blueprint.

  2. Drag and drop the your Pixotope Widget Renderer actor from the Outliner onto the Event Graph to create a reference

  3. Add a Get Widget node out of your Pixotope Widget Renderer actor and cast it to your MyWidget type

  4. Drag out the Set function for you Text variable and change it on Tick

  5. As an example this is how you would set it to show current Game Time in seconds.

In case you are using a regular blueprint, use the "Get All Widgets of Class" node to get the MyWidget blueprint.

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