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Change machine settings

The Machine settings panel (START > Storage) allows you to change the settings of that specific machine.


Enabling "Launch Pixotope on startup" will automatically launch Pixotope when starting the machine.

Name and color

Display name

Set a display name for this machine. The windows machine name is used if nothing is set.

Display color

To better differentiate the different machines in a multi-machine setup, display colors are set for each machine.

  • The display color for a Client machine can be overridden

  • The display color for a Server machine can, for consistency reasons, not be changed (pink)

Display colors are only used in multi-machine setups.

Network adapter

This network adapter is used for communication between Pixotope machines (only Server role).

Local storage

The show files of this machine are stored in the local storage folder. When running as a client, the local storage/shows are not in use.

Learn more about What is stored where


The role defines which show this machine can work on and how it functions with other machines (for AR/VS, XR, Control license).

  1. Click "Change role"

  2. Select a role and click "Choose"

  3. For Client: Choose a server to connect to


For connections via a public network, we encourage you to encrypt your Data hub communication.

On the server machine

  1. Click "Enable encryption". This

    • generates a .pxkeys file and

    • enables encryption

  2. Manually copy the file to all client machines

On the client machines

  1. Before connecting:

    1. Drag and drop the .pxkeys file into the drag and drop area
      OR click "Select pxkeys" and navigate to the .pxkeys file

    2. Click "Enable encryption"

  2. Connect to the server machine

  3. Click "Test connection" to check if the communication to server is now encrypted and working

If you are running into issues, use the timestamp to identify that you are using the same encryption keys across all machines.

.pxkeys file for distribution

Applied key files on Server and Client

Restrictions when using Encryption


Specify the permissions of a machine in a multi-machine environment based on their role.


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