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Compositing Plane

Compositing Planes are special Pixotope actors, that are used to place video inside the virtual environment. They consist of a specialized geometry that enables the TrackedCamera to project the video onto a specific depth in the scene. This allows for correct occlusions. Using a custom PostProcessing rendering pipeline we are able to avoid any video distortion like anti-aliasing and provide “pixel perfect” video.

For AR: Compositing planes can be used for AR reflections from the video onto the scene.

Changing geometry

Although it is called "Compositing Plane", you can easily change the underlying geometry in the "Details" panel.


The Compositing plane allows integrating video with the virtual scene.

  • It is visible in reflections

  • It can cast shadows (Enable Cast Shadows in the Details panel)

  • It can receive shadows (Pixotope World Settings > VS > Cast Shadows On VS Plane)

  • It can be lighted up from scene lights (Pixotope World Settings > VS > Light Up VS Plane)

Mask out video

To mask out parts of the video you can use a plane or any mesh with a "feather pass" material.

How to use feather pass to mask out video
  1. Add a plane or any mesh acting as a garbage matte plane

  2. Create a new material

    1. Set the blend mode to Translucent

    2. Enable "Render in Pixotope Feather Pass"

  3. Assign this material to the plane via its Details panel

  4. Disable the following options under Rendering > Advanced

    • Render in Main Pass

    • Render in Depth Pass

    • Render CustomDepth Pass

To make it work with Cast shadow on VS or Light up VS plane enabled also do the following:

  1. On the VS Internal Compositing Plane

    1. Enable Feather

    2. Set Feather Near to 1

    3. Set Feather Far to 1


The Compositing Plane allows per plane feathering of the video.

Auto rotation

Enable Plane rotation with the TrackedCamera (Details > Rotate with Camera).

Use body pose estimation for position

Uses the position of the BPE Compositing Mesh.

Learn more about how to Set up Body Pose Estimation (BPE)

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