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Components of Pixotope

Main components/services

  • Pixotope Director

    • Main user interface controlling all machines in a Pixotope network, in real time

  • Pixotope Control Panel

    • Interface to create custom control panels

  • Pixotope Data Hub

    • Extremely low-latency data bus which handles the communication between all Pixotope services

    • Includes an API that makes it easy to integrate multi-camera workflows (including MOS workflows), custom control panels, DMX light control and GPI

  • Pixotope Asset Hub

    • Asset management system to automatically synchronize files between connected machines.

  • Pixotope Tracking Service

    • Connecting Pixotope with the major real-time camera and object tracking systems

  • Pixotope Engine

    • Photorealistic real-time renderer using the Unreal Render engine

  • Pixotope Editor

    • Intuitive, “What You See Is What You Get” workflow editor for level layout, lighting, VFX, animation and compositing, permitting the import of digital assets from all standard content creation tools, like Autodesk Maya and Cinema 4D

  • Pixotope Video IO

    • GPU-based video processing pipeline

  • Pixotope Keyer

    • The best-in-class real-time chroma keyer

  • Pixotope Cloud

    • License and user management

  • Lens Calibrator

    • A semi-automatic lens calibration system

Supporting services

  • Pixotope Store

    • The service which stores show related data

  • Director API

    • The service which handles the communication to the Pixotope Cloud

  • Daemon

    • The service which is responsible for starting all other services and storing machine related information

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