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Pixotope Director - Interface

Left side menu

The menu on the left is divided into 3 different views which are based on specific steps in a production:

  • The START view is used to create and open Show files, and handle your specific machine settings

  • The SETUP view is used for setting up camera, tracking, video, and all other inputs and outputs for your open show

  • The PRODUCTION view is used for adjusting running levels and also controlling them through your control panels

Show/Hide menu

The visibility of the left side menu can be toggled by

  • clicking on Show/Hide menu icon (all the way to the left) in the header

  • OR pressing Ctrl+/

  • reducing your window width to 725px or lower (around a quarter of a standard desktop monitor’s size)

Panels - main area

Via the left side menu you get access to a number of different panels:

Learn more about the panels in the START view at Starting Director

Learn more about the panels in the SETUP view at Setting up a show

Learn more about the panels in the PRODUCTION view at Making adjustments and Creating a custom control panel

Common panels in all views



Provides a link to our online documentation at → and an option to download it as a PDF.


Links to our Frequently Asked Questions on →

Report issue

Opens a form which will create a support ticket.

View tickets

Links to the Support section of the → Pixotope Cloud

Give feedback

Links to our Share your feedback form on →



Test the network connection strength of all your connected machines. We don’t recommend doing this while running live productions, and as such is hidden in the PRODUCTION view.


A live table of parameters to monitor your connected machines' health. Keep track of in hardware temperatures, frame rates, and more. Needs access to your local Windows diagnostics service. With an active videohub connection, you can manually failover to backup machines.


Settings related to the Health panel, namely setting custom warning & critical parameter thresholds. If your production uses a Blackmagic Design Video Smarthub, you can manage the videohub’s routing of main and backup machines.

Status bar/ Status panel

The Status bar is at the bottom of the screen

  • shows all connected machines and the status of their main services

    • Engine

    • Asset Hub

    • Tracking

    • VideoIO

Click the Status bar to show more details. The status panel shows

  • all connected machines

  • if multi-machine syncing is enabled

  • the state of their primary and secondary timecode sources, allowing to

    • grab a timecode sample by clicking on it

    • grab and hold to grab continues timecode samples

  • shows all running levels, allowing to

    • close and reload levels

    • enable/disable Pixel Streaming

  • shows all running main services, allowing to

    • restart and stop the main services

Status panel (hovering on Tracking service)

User menu

The user menu can be accessed by clicking the username in the upper right-hand corner. It provides:

  • License information:

  • Access to your user account on Pixotope Cloud

  • The option to log out

System buttons

With the system buttons in the top right the window can be

  • minimized

  • maximized

  • closed

  • opened in the browser

Learn more about opening Director in the browser

Windows menu

The Windows menu, accessed from the three vertical dots in the upper left-hand corner, provides access to:

  • File options:

    • Open a new Director window

    • Quit Director

  • View options:

    • Toggle full screen

    • Toggle left side menu

    • Zoom controls

  • Help options:

    • Above mentioned Help options

    • End-User license agreement (EULA)

    • Privacy Policy

    • Subscription agreement

    • About Director

    • Pixotope version

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