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Pixotope Control Panel - Interface


The Control Panel runs in a browser. It has been developed for Google Chrome. Other browsers have not been tested, but should also work.

The Control Panel page is served by the Pixotope Director which has launched/created it. In case this Pixotope Director is shut down, the control panel will loose connection and wait for Pixotope to be started up again.

Header (top)

Reset sync data

Resets sync data which is used to keep state data, like pressed toggle states, in sync between the same control panel open on different machines/in different browsers.

Debug actions

Helps to debug API log actions.

Learn more about how to Debug actions

Read from send to header

Select which engine to read from, and which to send to

Make sure a level is running to gather its engine content and properties

  • Select one machine to read from using the machine dropdown on the left

    • Only machines which have a level launched (running engine) are listed

  • Select one or more machines to send to by toggling them on

The Read from Send to header is similar to the one in the adjustment panels. Learn more about Adjusting levels - where it reads from and sends to


Toggle between Edit and Preview Live mode

Shortcuts bar (left)

  • Toggle draw/select mode

  • Open widget toolbox

  • Align widgets

  • Toggle ruler

  • Manage resources

  • Access system actions

  • Open control panel

  • Save control panel

  • Import control panel

  • Access version history

  • Settings

  • Quick help

Resources library

Add/Remove image resources

Add and remove image resources

Learn more about the Image widget


Make changes to the behaviour and look of the Control Panel Editor
  • Show panels in Live Mode - keep the drawers open to allow editing even when in Live mode

  • Clear API log on startup

  • Show server messages on console

Properties (right)

Exposed tab

Shows all properties (widgets/objects) which had been exposed either from the Editor or in one of the other tabs.

Widgets tab

  • Shows all widgets placed on your canvas

  • Allows to edit all the properties

Engine tab

  • Shows all objects/actors in a level

  • Allows to expose properties

Store tab (for advanced users)

  • Shows all properties of the current show file

API Log tab (for advanced users)

  • Shows all Pixotope API messages

Action List (bottom)

  • Left side: Shows all possible actions for all widgets on the canvas

    • Selecting one from here (or double clicking the widget on the canvas) will filter the widgets action on the right side

  • Right side: Allows you to drag & drop a source and target from the Properties drawer
    OR double click the source field to edit the value directly


  • The working area where widgets are drawn. The entire canvas is usable in Edit mode; in Preview Live mode, the canvas will be fixed on the main viewport (the darker portion of the canvas)

Learn more about available widget types

Canvas in Live mode

Hold spacebar while dragging to move around the different regions of the canvas, or press the numbers 1-9 on your keyboard.

The Map icon on the bottom right of the canvas shows an interactive mini-map of the canvas.

Lastly, the centre square icon (or C on a keypad) will centre your canvas to the middle, or region number 5.

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