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How to control a Pixotope service

To read from or control any Pixotope Service, or do general data integration, you can do a

  • direct integration using ZeroMQ

  • OR a relayed integration via HTTP requests using Pixotope Gateway

Our message scheme is based on ZeroMQ.

Not interested in reading documentation? Check out Pixotope API - Examples and come back when you get stuck.

Using ZeroMQ

Set up Zero MQ

Checkout ZeroMQ’s Get started page -

Specify network settings

  • The subscriber binds to (listening)

    • Port 16201

  • The publisher binds to (sending)

    • Port 16202

Data hub PX_Datahub.exe, which is auto started by Pixotope, is expected to run on your machine.

How to control?

The Pixotope API provides additional to the standard Get, Set, Reset, Update commands also commands for more advanced use cases.

What to control?

The Pixotope API allows to control almost all aspects of a Pixotope network.

Python example

In this example setting of two different parameters is showcased (only one of them used)

  1. Setting the shadow strength on a chroma key parameter of a VideoIO element

  2. Setting custom data on the Pixotope Store state

import zmq
import time
import json
import math

def jsonToSendable(input):
    return json.dumps(input, separators=(',', ':')).encode()

context = zmq.Context()
pub = context.socket(zmq.PUB)

testParam = "State.MyExampleData"
keyVal = "State.VideoIO.86c9c3d4-e303-4b5b-b2bc-e876da94f973.Chromakey.ShaderParams.ShadowStrength"

topic = jsonToSendable({"Type":"Set","Target":"Store","Name":keyVal})

currentVal = 0;

while True:
    currentVal = math.fmod(currentVal + 0.01, 1)
    message = jsonToSendable({"Value":currentVal})
    pub.send_multipart([topic, message])

Check out more Pixotope API - Examples

Using HTTP requests via Pixotope Gateway

Learn more about How to use Pixotope Gateway

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