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Pixotope Lens file editor - Experimental

This feature is experimental. We do not recommend using it in production.
See below: Known limitations and issues for this first version.

The Lens file editor allows you to

  • visualize

  • edit

lens file data manually.

You can also import lens files with the following formats:

  • ptrk (*.ptrk, *.ftrk)

  • Mo-Sys (*.json)

  • Stype (*.txt)

  • TrackMen (*.zlc)

  • Viz (*.lcb)

  • Viz XML (*.lcb, *.xml)

How to use the Lens file editor


  1. Configure camera tracking

  2. Make sure the camera system who’s lens file you want to edit has

    • a tracking service assigned

    • a lens file enabled and selected

The lens files provided with the installation act as templates and should not be overwritten. It is good practice to duplicate the file and edit the duplicated version.

Open lens file

  1. Start the Lens file editor by double clicking Run-PX_LensFileEditor.exe in [Installation folder]\Services\Tracking

  2. Click "Import" and open the same lens file that was selected in Director

    • Individual tabs are opened for all parameter curves stored in the lens file

  3. Select the machine and the camera system of that lens file

  4. Select “Interactive mode”

    • This auto saves the file on each change without the need for clicking "Save"

Interactive mode combined with the Reload lens file in editor each save updates to your lens file can be seen almost instantly.

Edit lens file

  1. Select the tab of the parameter curves you want to edit

  2. Select the point you would like to edit

  3. Change the calibration value

Keyboard shortcuts and viewport control




Left mouse button


Left mouse button on empty area


Right mouse button + drag


Left mouse button


Middle-mouse click + drag

Or via the viewport controls in the bottom left

Advanced controls

More curve operations

Let’s you apply advanced operations like

  • Multiply

  • Offset

  • Flip

  • Resample

  • Regrid

Raw data view

Let’s you edit the data in a table view.

Add new parameter curves

  1. Click on the “Add data” tab

  2. Select the parameter curve you want to add

  3. Start adding points

Delete parameter curve

  1. Click on the parameter curve tab you want to delete

  2. Click on “Delete curve (Del)"

Known limitations and issues

  • Lens files have to be edited on the same machine the tracking service is running on, to which the camera system is routed to

  • Current encoder position is not shown, use the display from the plotter to be sure the right point is selected

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