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PostProcessHandler vs PostProcessVolume


Pixotope defines a special PostProcessVolume actor called PostProcessHandler.

Similarly to a regular volume it holds a variety of color grading, tonemapping, and post-process effects settings to be applied to your production.

What makes it special is that the PostProcessHandler is targeted and controlled by Director’s Effects and Color Grading panels. As such it should be treated as the main source of these settings for your production.

However you can always override it, especially locally, for parts of your level, with other PostProcessVolumes.

Automatic migration from Post Process Volume to Post Process Handler

When opening a level and there is no Post Process Handler, we will create one and populate it with settings from the first unbound Post Process Volume. This migration can be disabled via "Replace Existing Volume on Auto Spawn" in the World Settings.

Post Process Materials (Advanced)

Take note that Pixotope dynamically defines a couple of materials assigned to the PostProcessHandler under Rendering Features > Post Process Materials.

These are essential for video compositing, and will be automatically managed.

You can, if you like, add your own materials here!

Video Tutorial

Academy Tutorial - PostProcessHandler vs PostProcessVolume

  • PostProcessHandler

  • PostProcessVolume

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