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Render engine maintenance guide

It's important to keep the render machines in the best possible condition. Go through the following steps:

  • Essentials - daily

  • Recommended - once every quarter or if the render machine becomes unstable

For the setup of your render engines check out our Hardware and software environment guide


Windows updates

Make sure that all the latest system updates are installed, and there are no pending installations requiring the machine to restart or potentially halt productions.

System restart

Do a full system restart to flush the memory, correct third-party software glitches and halt potential memory leaks.

System temperature

Check that you have an acceptable temperature on the essential hardware components like CPU, GPU and Video I/O card.

  • CPU: > 90°C

  • GPU: > 80°C

  • Video I/O: >80°C

  • Update your Nvidia drivers. See Nvidia driver installation

  • Remove unneeded Third-party software

  • Optional

    • Hard drive check, you can use WD Data lifeguard diagnostic tool to check for bad sectors and errors

    • Disk defrag of regular disk drives

    • Stress Test the system

      • Run a heavy scene with video input and output, while keeping an eye on system stability and temps

Third-Party Software

We recommend as clean a system configuration as possible. To ensure that there is minimum of unnecessary interference and resource usage we suggest to

  • remove unneeded software

  • only have essential programs start with Windows

Control which applications start up when starting a Pixotope machine

  1. Go the Task Manager

  2. Navigate to the “Startup” tab

  3. Right click and choose "Disable" for any unneeded application

List of applications

  • Video conferencing and remote desktop software

    • Zoom, Google Hangouts, TeamViewer, Anydesk, etc

  • Background services - can interfere with network and hard drive bandwidth

    • Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Heavy duty applications - uses considerable GPU and RAM resources which can interfere with operations

    • Photoshop, Premiere, Substance painter, 3DSMax, Maya, Blender, etc

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