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Pixotope Plotter

The Pixotope Plotter allows you to inspect and export

  • incoming tracking data

  • API values


  1. Configure camera tracking

  2. Configure routing

  3. Make sure the camera system who’s tracking data you want to inspect has

    • the correct tracking protocol selected

    • and the Status field shows incoming data

Open the plotter

  1. Click on "Inspect tracking data" in Configure > Routing

  2. Pixotope Plotter is opened and the machine and camera system are selected

Alternatively you can also launch the executable directly by double clicking
Run-PX_LiveTrackingPlot.exe in [Installation folder]\Services\Tracking

Select data source

  1. Choose the data source




All properties available through the chosen camera.


Properties within messages broadcasted via the API

  • Combined System Info message

    • A message which combines system info reported from different Pixotope services including FPS from the Engine

  • Any other API message

Learn more about the Pixotope API - Message Schema

Select properties

  1. Select the properties you want to display

  2. Use the Pause button to pause or restart updating data

Show difference data

  1. Click the Delta icon next to the parameter which you want to add the Adjacent Difference filter to

Add more filters

  1. Click the + icon next to the parameter which you want to add more filters to

  1. Select a filter and click “Add filter”

  2. Click “Apply changes"

    A parameter which has filters applied is indicated by a small *

Filters can be combined. For example is the Adjacent difference filter sometimes combined with the Simple Moving Average filter.

Advanced mode

The advanced mode

  • shows all parameters, also the previously hidden ones

  • allows for saving settings to be used on next startup

  • allows for viewport manipulation

  • allows for exporting data

  1. Click "Advanced mode" in the bottom left corner

Export plotted data for debugging

  1. Enable Advanced mode

  2. Right click in the viewport and click “Export…”

  3. Choose the data and format you like and click “Export”

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