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Configure object tracking

Setting up object tracking is a 4-step process.

  1. In Director: Set up an object tracker group and its object trackers

  2. In Director: Route the object trackers to machines

  3. In Editor: Link 3D objects to the object trackers

  4. In Director: Calibrate the object tracker group

Set up object tracker group

  1. Go to SETUP > Configure > Object tracking

  2. Click "Add object tracker group" and give it a descriptive name

    • An object tracker group is a parent for object trackers which share the same

      • tracking space
      • tracking protocol
      • tracking service

  3. Choose the assigned tracking service

    • Best practice: Use the tracking service on the machine most of the object trackers will be routed to

  4. Choose the transmission method

For more information about Unicast and Multicast setup checkout Configure camera tracking

Set up object trackers

  1. Click "Add object tracker"

  2. Give it a descriptive name and change the port if needed

    • This is where your tracking data should be sent to

  3. On your object tracking system: Enter the IP address and port number of the assigned tracking service

  4. Check the status field

    • Your tracking configuration is set up correctly if it shows incoming data

    • You can also check the Network status in the Editor

  5. Choose the object tracking protocol

  6. Optionally specify how the data should be mapped

Route object trackers

  1. Go to SETUP > Configure > Routing > Camera, Media and Object routing

  2. Click "Add Input" on the machine the object tracker should be available on

  3. Choose one or more object trackers and click "Add input"

  4. The tracking data of the selected object trackers is now available in the Editor

Link objects to object trackers

  1. Open the level in the Editor containing the object which should follow the object tracker

  2. Right-click the object which should follow the object tracker and choose between

    • Make "Object" follow Tracked Object Component

      • Your object is linked directly to your object tracker

    • Make "Object" follow Tracked Object Actor

      • Your object gets parented underneath an actor which is linked to your object tracker. This option allows offsetting your object relative to the object tracker

  3. Enter the name of the Object tracker into the Name field in the Details panel

    • When the object tracker is routed to this machine it will pick up its Id and show the routing status

In this picture we have chosen Make “Object” follow Tracked Object Actor in step 2. The object Cube2 is made a child of a new TrackedObjectActor.

Calibrate object tracker group

  1. Go to SETUP > Calibrate > Tracking

  2. Select the object tracker group you want to calibrate

  3. Calibrate position and rotation of the tracking data from the object tracker group

  4. Go to SETUP > Calibrate > Syncing

  5. Calibrate the timing of the tracking data from the object tracker group

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