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Overview of Pixotope

The concepts and components of Pixotope

Pixotope® is a software-based virtual production platform that merges the real and the virtual world, in real time, in perfect quality.
It allows you to:

  • merge real characters/elements with virtual scenes (VS)

  • merge virtual characters/elements/on-air graphics with real scenes (AR)

  • create virtual windows (a virtual scene with real scene camera tracking) (XR)

  • create next-generation on-air graphics

  • combine all the above features

Pixotope is designed to integrate seamlessly with professional broadcast workflows.

Pixotope is used for live professional broadcast.

For one-off shows:

  • the setup and venue are used only for this one show

  • the setup is complex, requiring many different vendors to work together

For recurring shows:

  • the setup stays more or less the same between shows

  • the venue may host other shows in between

  • the changes involved mainly relate to content

Pixotope is used for both single-camera and multi-camera productions:

  • All components can run on a single machine for simple setups

  • Automatic discovery and connection simplify multi-machine setups

  • The configuration, calibration, adjustment and control of a production can be done from each machine or centrally from a single machine

Pixotope is built using modern technology:

  • Rendering based on Unreal Engine

  • Network communication using state-of-the-art client–server technology

  • Proprietary GPU-based video and image processing

  • Highly optimized standalone processes for critical processing of tracking data, Video I/O, licensing, rendering and network traffic

  • Front end using modern web technologies for future cross-platform and cloud deployment

  • A cloud-based licensing system specifically built for modern broadcast productions

  • Utilises industry standard hardware and leverages the latest hardware developments

Academy Tutorial - Overview of Pixotope Director

  • Get an overview of the Pixotope Director and its workflow changes in 2.0

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